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Code of conduct

It's all about love to house music. We share our music with everyone for free. It's not about money. It's not about fame or ego. We spread the love for music.

Be Respectful

We respect everyone. We don't blame others. There is nothing like "bad music". It's just another taste.

Scoutlounge members are not making a difference between turntableism, cd-jockes or mp3-artists. It's all about music selection and creating a special feeling and vibe. Tell us your story with music.


We keep ourselfs, staff, friends and crowd safe. We won't accept any bad behaviour, scam, spam or fraudulent activities in our community.


Scoutlounge is accessible from all over the world on any possible vector, by web, app or streaming. We do our best to guarantee a nearly 100% uptime. You can listen to Scoutlounge on our Website radio stream, on your Smartphone or SmartTV with our App, on Facebook LIVE and Youtube LIVE, watch our recorded videos at Youtube Videos, at and with our Android-App.


Our staff are all volunteers and are working hard to keep Scoutlounge up and running. Our partners and some private benefactors give us the needed support and money to keep our operation for free and without any paid advertising. We appreciate any supporting donations. Please use our Paypal Donation to support our work.


Contact us

Feel free to send us your suggestions, feedbacks, constructive critics or any other thing you think we need to know.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.